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Today on the subway, I got harassed by a guy sitting next to me. He kept saying vulgar things and trying to put his arm around me. Finally, a stranger standing up next to us looked at the guy and said, “If you don’t leave my wife alone, I’m going to call the cops.” The vulgar man moved seats. MMT

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Don't be nice. Be mean. I've seen girls harassed by male strangers who try to back away, who politely dismiss them, and that's not enough. If you're in a crowded place like the subway and don't need to worry about physical retaliation, get in their face. GO AWAY. LEAVE ME ALONE. I'M NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR CHEESE BREATH AND TINY DICK. Maybe get a small mace spray for your keychain when you're alone.

People like that man are the reason I haven't lost all my faith in humanity. It was a really nice thing that he did for you.

Those people freak me out. Good on that guy, though why he had to pretend you were his wife is beyond me. "I'll call the cops if you keep harassing that woman" would have been just as good. Also, protip. Any male bothering you will usually be turned off and confused when you grab him by the shirt and scream, as intimidatingly as you can, "I WILL BITE YOUR DICK OFF." Not I'll. I will. Emphasis on will. Then run. Preferably screaming obscenities at the top of your lungs. It will confuse your attacker and alert those around you that there is something going on.

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