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Today, I returned home after being stationed in Iraq for 9 months. While I was still in uniform, I went into an ice cream shop near the airport to get a milkshake. The girl behind the counter handed me my shake and said, “It’s on me.” “Thanks, you didn’t have to do that,” I said. “Neither did you,” she replied. MMT

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This is true, you didn't but you chose to do so. i am greatful that there are people like you who are willing to die to make the world a better place. Thankyou

Personal opinions shouldn't matter. This person did what they didn't have to, but felt was right anyways. Regardless of how we view anything, respect is due here.

I'm anti war, I only say that because this story made me cry. I also feel obligated to thank every soldier I see. I also feel like I betray them due to my own beliefs against this war. Hate the circumstance, but love the person that's willing to be in that circumstance in the fist place.

Why shouldn't personal opinions matter? We don't go around treating other people in different professions like this, when they do just as much, if not more than someone in the military might.

Thank you for keeping us safe and fighting for us

i saw this happen at O'Hare once. i was very moved by it and afterwords the empolyee got yelled at by her boss, in front of everyone at the airport. and dont listen to "redoleander" (#4) hes just like the boss just another ignorant american

Hi Kat66 Keeping you safe from what?

I know I am going to get harassed for this, but I really feel I have to say something. I don't understand why people glorify soldiers who have invaded a foreign country and are killing people who have done nothing wrong. They are not making the world a better place, they are not solving anything. Every "insurgent" that they kill has a father, or a brother, or a friend who will pick up his rifle and go out and do they exact same thing. It's just perpetuating a cycle, and more and more Iraqi's and Americans are going to die until people realise this.

0Phoenix0: Soldiers don't decide where they're posted to or what they're supposed to do when they're there. I am rather certain that most soldiers do NOT enjoy killing innocents- often the experience haunts them for the rest of their lives. War and killing is terrible and extremely difficult to justify on moral grounds- but those are the failings of humanity at large, not the soldiers who volunteer to put their lives at risk on our behalf. We are all collectively to blame for the cycle that you say we're perpetuating- it's just that we're sitting here in our homes comfortably and talking about it at our keyboards, while men and women die for our inadequacies as a race.

I am not suggesting at all that soldiers enjoy killing anyone, innocent or otherwise, I don't think any human being does (except maybe a pyschopath). I am also not suggesting that going to war isn't a harrowing and traumatic thing for anyone to have to do. My point is that, in *this* case, it is pointless. There is no way to "win" the war in Iraq, all that is happening is more people are being killed and wounded on both sides. With respect, I think it's just an excuse to say it's a failing of humanity at large, and shrug our shoulders and go along with it. As long as people willingly fight wars, and support and glorify those who do, then those "inadequacies" will still exist. I think it's naive to assume we are all kept safe from the "bad guys" by starting wars, if anything the US is more likely to be attacked now, rather than less.

Regardless of what some idiots on here are saying, you're a real life super hero. Don't let anyone tell you any different. You don't want to kill people, you are doing it to protect these stupid idiots who don't deserve it and you're protecting their right to complain about this openly. You're amazing. Thank you so much.

The real heros? Women in the army. How do we know you're not one of the low life criminal scum allowed to enlist?

You had not choice, it was either the army or working at the macdonalds or as a store clerk, maybe a career in crime? You kill under the guise of an uniform, pretending to protect imaginary things like honor and patriotism , concepts created to fill the pockets of your generals and their friends.

thats so pathetic.

USA invaded Iraq by flimsy justifications, after these years where are the weapons of mass destruction , after half millions dead and millions of orphans where are these weapons. Guys, it's a very huge game and these poor soldiers and you guys are very tiny pieces in it,

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