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Today, when I lost my purse on a crowded school bus at 7AM, I did not expect the creepy goth-punk kid from my gym class who barely speaks a word show up in the lunch room and return it to me with all of my money and personal belongings intact. MMT

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Why not?

When I first met the random new girl, she was a creepy goth kid. Now she's one my my closest friends, and the sweetest person I've ever met. I know that this is so cliche, but don't judge people on their appearance.

Considering how arrogant and judgmental the preppy and trendy kids were, I'm always surprised this stereotype has lasted for the alternative kids. My best friend was a goth, and she was brilliant, deep, and sensitive. I always just thought the "freaks" were just creative kids, but they were mostly very sharp, not afraid to ask questions and do the unpopular thing to get to the right thing. They were so much better adjusted then the normal-looking kids who got caught up in drugs and sex to fit in.

Perhaps she wasn't judging on appearances. Perhaps he is actually creepy, and just happens to be goth, also.

I really don't think it's very decent of you to judge people based on they're appearances, a lot of studies have been done and most goths are smarter than normal teenagers. If you ask my mom goths are the most respectful of all the cliques. Just because someone wears black doesn't make them depressed, creepy, or anything that people like to assume. Not cool.

just goes to show, the most amazing people can be so easily overlooked.

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