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Today, I felt lucky to witness the humble, elegant, peaceful death of my partner's 91 year old grandfather. The nurse said, "Everyone dies the way they live." MMT

#826 (3) - Sep 2, 2009 by Shelly - Inspiring - Yes, that made me think too! (2539) - No, that made me sleepy. (74)



I really don't like this story, mainly because one of the most amazing, humble, sweet, energetic, loving, caring, and selfless individuals I've ever met died painfully from being hit by a car whilst on his bicycle one morning. Not everyone dies the way they lived.

i dont agree with the part about how people die/live, because so many wonderful people die tragically, and vice versa -- life has no such order. though sometimes there is an odd symmetry - lives stupid die stupid, passionately, intensely, courageously.... but i am really struck by the sentiment, to feel lucky to witness a humble, elegant, peaceful death. what an interesting way to view a death... respect it. this kind of acceptance of life & death so rarely occurs. this, more than anything, makes me think.

My lifestyle determines my death's style. -Metallica This one's beautiful, but sadly not true for all of us.

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