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Today, I gave my 8-yr-old son a couple dollars to pay off his balance with the school cafeteria. This evening he informed me that he has been skipping lunch. When I asked him where his lunch money is he told me, "There's a jar at school for homeless kids. I wanted to help them." MMT

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Aw what an angel... Thank you for raising your boy right. He's going to grow up to be a fine young man. Need more kids like him!

I would definitely ground him. You need to teach your kids honesty. A good spanking is probably in order also.

No no, I don't think you should be complimented but I definitely don't think your son should be punished. I think you should encourage such behavior, however, tell him that his skipping lunch to feed someone else is not the best choice out there. In addition offer to give him extra money for the jar because it obviously means so much to him. #2 is who deserves the spanking!!!

he is so cute !such an angel!i was moved to tears.

That's really sweet, but make sure to talk to him about skipping lunch! Maybe you could pack him a sandwich and give him a little coin to put in the box. Kids shouldn't skip meals even for a noble cause.

Thats amazing. Your son is going to change the world, please dont punish him for that. It's an amazing thing he's doing!

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