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Today, I was randomly pulled over by a cop for the 2nd time since I bought my new pimped-out Chrysler 300. It's got 20 inch rims, black glass, etc. Both times, a white cop came up to my window and said something like, "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else." and drove away. I’m white. MMT

#120 (20) - Aug 8, 2009 by WildBill - Miscellaneous - Yes, that made me think too! (12473) - No, that made me sleepy. (2485)




Here's something to MYT. You were making out like the cops were being racist, isn't it a bit prejudice to assume that your tricked out car is a black guy's car? Maybe the police had a report of a robbery, and the person described was ginger, or had a scar on his cheek - you probably don't match that description? Why would they waste time explaining to you why it was a mistake while they were doing their jobs. MMT......

I agree with loganbell45.

wow, i deny it day to day but this crap still happens. sick.

my first reaction was bullshit then i found myself agreeing with loganbell45. but true or not in no way would i suspect this to be any form of racial profiling


Ok, the only signifigance I see here is that some one in a costume pressed a button, some fancy lights flashed, for some reason you pulled over, and you exchanged words. Why did you waste your time pulling over? If I was driving behind you with a fancy light shining would you pull over?

have you ever thought that maybe said police officer was doing his job? maybe a car like yours had a report on it? Have you ever thought that these people are giving up everything they have and sometimes their life for strangers like you? that mmt that inconsiderate people like YOU take that for granted.

Well, I was going to agree with the other guy up there^ Then i re-read and saw you said a second time..Make me think..IT couldn't be a coincidence.

Pardon my language but f****** cops they are horrible.

yes, of course there is still racism in the world. alot of it and its horrible, but in the defense of the cops, suppose that statistics show that african americans who drive those style cars are more likely to have drugs. it sounds extremely racist but it could be a fact and you can't blame the police. yes this cop may have been racist, but he might also have been using statistics and trends to do his job. its just something to think about.

I think you're just as bad by assuming that the cop was racist. It could be age, it could be anything. Driving a tricked out vehicle makes you a police target. Is it fair? Maybe not. But you decided to get that vehicle. Deal with it.

Stop being a wigger.

phoebala, do you hate cops because they pull you over when you're speeding? or because they've ticketed you for doing something else illegally? Some cops may seem unreasonable at times, but guess what... all they want to do is go home to their families every night. wildbill, would you have posted that if the cop was black?

Maybe this will MYT: All this time ya'll think these cops are just being rascist, ever wondered if his wife just hates getting speeding tickets????

I'm sure if a cop already pulled the car over they would note the licence plate and features so other cops won't do the same mistake. In a stolen car incident how often do cops pull over the same car saying "oopsie daisy'

Exactly - double standard going on here with the OP.

Everyone here trying to make it seem like people don't discriminate against races, like cops are saints. Yes, no one should racial profile anyone. But that doesn't mean that shit doesn't happen. Whether or not someone put out a report, it's safe to assume that the cops were racial profiling. I like to believe the world is all candy and rainbows, too, but I'm not ignorant.

Oh good Lord, a white guy got profiled... how appalling. It's kind of screwed up that you're assuming that they think you're Black because of you're car-wigger, please.

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