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Today, our son grabbed our family photo to kiss daddy good night. He looked at me and asked, "Daddy home now?" I told him that daddy still has a lot of work to do. He pouted and then asked, "Daddy no love me?" My husband is in Iraq for another 6 months and today was our son's 3rd birthday. I want him home so bad it brings me to tears. MMT

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In October I enlisted into the Marines, I'm scared to death to leave my mom. She says she'll be fine, maybe she will even throw some parties. I hope that's not the case because every night I cry it will be because I'm thinking of her. I'm a Marine.. And I still sleep with my mom.

Your husband is a real life super hero(: You should be so proud. Thank you for supporting him.

Your post made me sad. My husband leaves soon, for the 3rd time. It really stinks, but the anticipation that builds when the weeks turn to days and his plane lands and you get to run and jump and give him a big hug, just like in the movies, is so amazing.

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