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Today, the cop took the handcuffs off of me and told me to “get out of here now” as soon as he heard from 20+ eyewitnesses that I had only given the two gangster-wannabes black eyes after they purposely knocked a homeless vet out of his wheelchair and stood over him laughing and kicking dirt at him. MMT

#14478 (5) - Jun 9, 2011 by jay3 - Miscellaneous - Yes, that made me think too! (1875) - No, that made me sleepy. (29)



He rightfully handcuffed you.

I'd have kicked their teeth in so they couldn't laugh for awhile. But the cop only handcuffed you because that was his job until he could hear the true story.

So instead of helping the vet, you beat up the punks. Wow you really know how to solve violence with violence.

A cops world is complicated. His job is to confront those sorts of people. I bet he respected you for sticking up for the vet and not going all that far with it. It's better to try and intimidate someone before resorting to violence, but sometimes there is no avoiding it. As long as you weigh your options and attempt a more diplomatic solution first.

All these anti-violence assholes again. I really detest you people. Sometimes, emotions happen. You see a man who's sacrificed limbs for this country get shoved out of his chair by some shit-kicking little punks and the first thought is to teach those little fuckers a lesson. Standing over a vet they've just kicked to the ground - LAUGHING?! Fuck you and your non-violence - They deserved much more than black eyes.

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