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Today, I went to the hospital to see my brother who was just t-boned at an intersection by a drunk driver. As I walked into the room where they told me he was, the doctors were placing a white blanket over the body lying on the bed. I began to freak out. But then a nurse informed me that I was in the wrong room. My brother was in the room next door, with non-lethal injuries. The body on the bed belonged to the drunk driver. MMT

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It would have been a HIPAA violation for a hospital employee to tell you the identity of a patient.

The post only says the nurse informed the OP of the wrong room. I'm pretty sure if they were both brought in at the same time, it wouldn't be hard to figure out who the person really was. That and there would have most likely been some police presence since it was a drunk driving situation.

You are such a LIAR !! It takes hours to get a room after being in ER. If the drunk was in such bad shape, he wouldve still been in ICU. You cannot just walk into a room in the ER or ICU.You should be ashamed of yourself, loser.

@KingRandy Actually it is possible. I volunteer in a hospital and one of the places I volunteer is the ER and the other is the information desk. If a person comes in and knows the name of a patient in ICU I can legally tell them the patients room number and the phone number for that room as well as direct them how to get up there. They do have to check in with a nurse up there but they also can do that after their visit. As for the ER if a person comes in and informs me that someone has been in an accident and they can tell me the patients name, as long as the patient is not in surgery or about to be in surgery then I can direct them to where their friend/family member is.

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