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Today, my sister and I were in a bad car accident. Luckily both of us were wearing our seatbelts and didn’t have any life threatening injuries. My sister is Mrs. Popular at school – she knows everyone. I’m a bit of an introvert – I hang-out with the same 2 girls all the time. My sister immediately posted a comment on Facebook about our accident. And while all her friends were commenting, my 2 friends showed up independently at the scene of the accident before the paramedics arrived. MMT

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I hope this proves to you that being yourself and being happy is far more important than having a million friends. I slowly discovered this fact through high school and my first few years in college. Keep those who truly care about you as close as possible. I wish you the best.

Popularity is by no means everything. Glad to hear you were alright.

know that if she were in your position, none of her friends would come

@Soapfrost - they were both in that position? They both had the accident. But you're correct - it looks like none of her friends came.

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