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Today, at 4PM I pulled over to help a man (who turned out to be a paramedic) push his car out of the road. After looking under the hood for a few minutes we both agreed his radiator needed to be replaced. He told me he was running late to work, so I used my AAA card to get him a free tow and ride to a repair shop next to the hospital. Exactly an hour later I called 911 when my son’s best friend fainted and stopped breathing after an asthma attack. The same paramedic, Jake, showed up at my house, performed CPR on my son’s friend until he was breathing again, and took him to the hospital. MMT

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That's awesome. But are you sure it was an asthma attack? Because CPR alone doesn't do a thing for asthma - you need medication, and without it, the person can't get oxygen even with perfect CPR. So perhaps your friend should get a doctor to look at his son to make sure something else isn't going on.

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