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Today was my best friend Lara’s funeral. She was 15. Although her family could've focused on their loss, they did the opposite. Today was a huge celebration of her life. The first thing her mother said during Lara’s eulogy is, “I’m happy to tell you that 10 people have been given Lara's donated organs. And I was told this evening, by a doctor friend in the know, that at least 4 of these people received a full second chance at life because of Lara’s decision to be a donor. Even in her passing, my daughter finds a way to make me proud.” Seeing her family be so positive today MMT.

#15831 (2) - Dec 16, 2011 by jodi - Miscellaneous - Yes, that made me think too! (1409) - No, that made me sleepy. (18)



So lovely.. One of my friends passed away this Summer. It's truly amazing how positive their families can be. It serves as an inspiration to me every day. Stay strong, I know your strength will inspire people, your lovely story has already started to!

This really really touched my heart. belive me, I cried. But kudos to the parents for raising such a wonderful child. We need more of such people today. God bless.

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