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Today, I finally have a brother again. Between the drug use and drinking abuse of the past several years, it was like living with a ghost. But he's sober now, and it's like meeting a stranger and being told you know each other. I love him, but I keep wondering if it's ever too late for a second chance. The mixture of happiness and uncertainty in our new relationship MMT.

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Give him a second chance. I have been where you are, and I gave my brother a second chance and it is really worth it. It's like I met a very good old friend again. It has been a bumpy ride for both of us, and it wasn't easy, but somehow along the way he regained my trust. So please don't give up, your brother is there. I wish you two the very best and I hope that you get ur relationship back.

It isn't about second chances. Your relationship with your brother will be entirely different than anything you've had in the past, because your brother will become a different person than you've known. Personally, sobriety opened a tricky bond for myself and my siblings. We're much closer now, and they feel comfortable talking to me about alcohol and drug use because they know what I went through, and I'm thankful for that. On the other hand, as a recovering alcohol, I'm excluded from a lot of bonding activities, and that is something I need to deal with individually and I need to talk openly with them about. Ultimately, it comes down to forming a new relationship with your brother and appreciating that. My family hosted our first sober holiday in the spring, and that support and love meant everything to me and bolstered my sobriety at a time that I really needed it.

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