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Today, I am 21 weeks pregnant with a little girl by a man who I love more then I thought possible. But unfortunately for me being in love with someone can't make them love you back or forget the ex they have across the country who still has their heart. Wondering if you'll ever love me the way I love you and if keeping this baby was the right choice MMT.

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That little girl will be truly something special, she will prove to be a greater blessing than you'd ever expect. If he makes the foolish mistake not to cherish what he has now that is a tragedy. There are those of us out there that could experience no greater joy here on earth than the love of a family, but it isn't always in God's plan. Be strong, and when you can't be strong let Christ carry you through the hard times. You're in my prayers.

It will take time, but he can still get over her. It happened to me. But, you're boyfriend/husband and your baby are two different people and even though I'm pro-choice I don't feel like you should give her up based on his feelings/actions.

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