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Today, I got engaged to the love of my life. He is Latino, I am Anglo. He is shorter, I am taller. Thinking about the weird looks we sometimes get, and how we do not fit society's expectations about what a couple should look like, and how many people miss out on finding their soul mate based upon shallow societal expectations MMT.

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Have you ever thought that the weird looks you "sometimes" get have nothing to do with either one of you being a couple, but for something else totally, like what kind of shirt you were wearing, or something else? And who are you to say that people miss out on finding their soul mate by saying they're shallow? Get off your high horse, please. You're not special. Badmouthing other people certainly doesn't make you special, either.

Hey Anonymous! Happy that your love is very strong irrespective of what others think about it. May your love be a powerful example to those people who are around you.. Not all people are shallow but a few of them are.. I hope everyone realises the true essence of love. .

Dzbx, have you thought that maybe the person wasn't talking about people being shallow, but more of society as a whole and how they make a lot of people envision their true love? I fell in the same mistake for a very long time. The person may not be shallow, but because what we see in the media, we sometimes forget to focus on the important stuff when it comes to finding the right person. That doesn't make the person shallow, but the ideas put on us by media are.

dzbx - MTE.

This isn't the first time I"ve seen dzbx post, and none of them have been kind or even respectful.

dzbx please have some manners. I too fell into societal ideas of the perfect girl, but then I found the girl who is now my wife. We knew each other in middle school but didn't get together until a few years ago. She's overweight, she's not "girly" or prissy in any sense of the word. She's smart, she's funny, she loves Assassin's Creed as much as I do, and she'll cuss you out as hard as any manly man you know, and I love every last thing about her.

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