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Today, as I overheard my employees gossiping about how I "need to get out, get laid, and learn to have a better time," I had to wonder, would that prescription change if any of them knew I am a recovering alcoholic and sex addict who spent nearly his entire youth crawling home from nightclub after parties in Manhattan. MMT

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I think we have a very narrow standard of what constitutes a happy and successful person. We assume that if an individual does not chose to partake in what is socially deemed acceptable and expected of them that they have something inherently wrong about them or are in need of a change to be just like 'everyone else'. It rarely crosses these people's minds to consider that their lifestyle is not the only lifestyle nor is it necessarily right or wrong. I am sorry that you work with individuals who have no respect or consideration for others, but I wish you luck in your recovery.

Is there anyone in HR you can talk to about this? Sounds like a harassment cause in the making.

Nothing is ever what it seems, is it. Congratulations on your recovery. I hope you are happy with your life. Did it bother you to hear your staff talk about you like that or did you just smile to yourself and think "if only you knew...". People can be very judgemental and often unjustly so. Would a quiet word in their ear help? I wish you all the best! xo

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