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Today, I am a special needs nurse for adolescents. I hate when I hear people use the word "retard" negatively. Special needs kids are the sweetest, most loving, innocent people ever. The fact that anyone could talk negatively about such kind people makes me sick. These kids are so much better than us in so many ways. We could learn something from them. MMT

#17058 (7) - Nov 18, 2012 by mossynurse - Miscellaneous - Yes, that made me think too! (506) - No, that made me sleepy. (111)



Although I agree using "retard" as an insult can be offensive towards those with special needs, I also think it is wrong to group them all together and claiming they are the best people in the world. It is good the ones that you nurse are sweet and nice, but there are a lot of special needs people that are difficult to deal with. It is understandable because of their situation, but my point still stands. The way you have worded this makes it seem like you need to be special needs to be sweet, loving, and innocent and demeans able peoples' attempts at being the best person they can be.

Haha, my comment got deleted by some butt-hurt individual. Maybe I'll say it nicer this time - OP, I know of special needs people who've raped people, so go shove a rusty shovel up your butt-hole.

Its good that you care about such children!

And #2 - that was a bit rude and disrespectful! Actually i'm a fan of your comments and they make me think..but not this..then again its your comment.. Your thought..you may post it the way you want.. Your freedom.!

Why was DZBX rude or disrespectful? He's right. Saying all mentally handicapped people are nice is the same thing as saying all black people are ebonic-using asshats. One is a compliment, one is an insult. They're both WRONG. Sure, DZBX told OP to go sodomize themselves, but... S/he's still right.

@DaxxButtons: I believe I did not say dzbx was WRONG. I said he was being rude. And i did not agreee/ disagree with his comment. Regardless of the fact whether he is right or wrong, it was a bit inappropriate to be rude. The comment didnt seem as "well - put" as in his other comments. Its his choice and freedom to post what he wants. On the same plate, it is my choice and freedom to express my opinion. Right? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Like people are saying, you're generalizing a very large group of people. It is very true that some are loving and sweet, but some are not. There are also some who have voiced their frustration with people assuming they possess certain traits purely because of their condition, like "innocent," which often denotes lack of experience.

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