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Today, I'm breaking into pieces on the inside, and it seems like no one else can see the cracks. All they see is the perfect college basketball star, the perfect student, the perfect son, the perfect friend who has local fame. But I’m constantly unhappy, my eating disorder that no one knows about is getting worse, and I rarely have a moment to myself… to simply be myself. I don’t know how much longer I can handle the pressure. I wish they would just stop telling me that I'm perfect; I'm not. MMT

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Then fucking speak up. People are not mind-readers - if you are not perfect, and it's hurting you, goddamnit, speak up. It's really quite simple.

It's not that simple. I ruined two years of my life by not asking for support. It is, however, the one thing that will help. Try to find even one person who you can confide in who might be able to help you - and do so before everything comes crashing down on your head. People will find out sooner or later that you aren't perfect, so why not take charge and turn a powerless situation into one of empowerment?

Sometimes when people see you as "perfect", it's actually hard to get support because people don't believe you, don't understand how much you're actually suffering (because you seem fine), or even worse, tell you that you're so lucky and just need to suck it up, not realizing that you've been trying to. I agree with #2. Taking initiative and really trying to do something can be life changing. Having the goal of getting better broke a lot of the apathy and emptiness that was behind my eating disorder in the first place.

Dzbx, please. Have some respect for this young man. It is not always the easiest to ask for help, for many reasons. And maybe he's hinted at it but no one has believed him. If it's too painful to talk to people you know, utilize your school's psychologist. They can recommend someone local to go to that you can see in private. I completely understand how hard it is to ask for help. And since eating disorders fall under the anxiety category, keep thinking about the end result. Don't let your fears get you down. Another thing that might be good is to start a gratitude journal. Every day write down three thing you are thankful for. It can be as simple as what you ate for lunch, you have a roof over your head or you wore your favorite shirt that day. I know some days, I wrote. Today kinda sucks but I woke up this morning and that's all that matters. Best of luck dear. I believe in you, all of you.

Hey.. I did not understand.. eating disorder or people calling you perfect.. Which one irritates you more? for the first one get medical help.. for latter help yourself.. enjoy life.. be happy for what you have.... ne greatful to what/who you believe.. all the best..

I know how it feels, and it's tough but you have to find someone to confide in. Even if it's a complete stranger, someone needs to know what you're feeling..I would never usually do this, but I hate seeing all those stories of young teenagers hurting themselves...so if you have Facebook, add me if you feel like you need to talk to someone...Kayla dupuis. I hope you feel better!

I don't know you && you don't know me, but please don't become another number in teenage suicide statistics. like said person above said, talk to someone, a stranger even, just don't give up. it might be hard but not impossible. if you can't confide in anyone you can talk to me; good luck && best wishes.

To live with these feelings takes amazing strength, you are already so much stronger than you are giving yourself credit for. Don't judge yourself for feeling this way, you are making assumptions about people around you that aren't fair. You do not have the right to question their intentions ... However, you have the strength to show them that incredibly successful people need down time too! Do not doubt yourself ... Even me, as a stranger, appreciates your presence in this world!

It sucks that you feel you aren't that great cuz eating disorder or not you might still be a great person Try to see that that doesn't diminish what you're worth Don't try to live up to what ppl think of you just be yourself and you'll see that the ppl who are worth having as friends will still be there Once you make yourself understand that you are great you'll be able to manage any problem you have seeing the greatness thrust upon you makes you strong enough to deal with life After all, we can make the life we want. We just have to be brave enough to go for it.

Hey, sweetie, that is really tough. I hope you are still alive to read this comment. If you need someone to talk to, just email me at sxdx_hotmail.com (I had to put that as I don't think you can pm someone here on this site... plus you posted as anonymous). I'm in Australia so might not reply immediately as I may be sleeping, but I do check my emails daily. I hope you are able to overcome this as I know what it can be like to feel like the world is on your shoulders. xo Y

Hi. I have obsessive compulsive disorder and I hid it for a long time. I finally sought help this year and while I am still struggling I have learned to manage it better. I just want you to know that you are not alone. I would suggest going to your school's counseling and/or health department. They can help you. I'm not sure where you are located but there are several eating disorder clinics in the US (and probably abroad). If you're in the US I would recommend Roger's Memorial Hospital. If you don't have insurance there may be a low to no cost mental health clinic near you that can offer you resources. If you need a friend you can always send me a message or email at cfernandez715@gmail.com and my skype username is cfernandez715. Be strong, believe in yourself. You can slowly put the pieces back together; I believe in you.

I completely understand what it feels like to feel the pressure to be perfect and have it drive you to do rash things. But nobody is perfect and by pushing yourself to attempt to be perfect you are really destroying yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Don't keep these feelings bottled up inside, tell someone about it and seek assistance. When people call you perfect they are not trying to apply pressure but are simply proud of you and if they love you they will continue to do so even when you make mistakes or fail. At least know the people here are there for you if you want to talk.

I hope you have found the help you need...please know that you are not alone and its okay to not BE perfect.

I don't know who you are, but I love you and remember that no matter what I am praying for you to get better and find the help you deserve. I'm also a lot like you but a soccer star and always feel the need to be the epitome of perfection and exceed everyone's expectations but I realized that my happiness comes first. I hope you find your happiness and as I pray for you tears are streaming own my face

i know where you're coming from. don't lose your grip ok? you can talk to us. we might be faceless strangers but we will be listening friends..

I know I may be commenting a little bit late, perhaps a year or so :) but I just want to let you know Im here for you. We may be strangers, but trust me. Hang in there, I promise it gets better. Live for yourself, everyone else may have these extremely high expectations but ignore them for a bit and listeen to yourself; your heart. Do what makes you happy and try to work past these issues not for them but for yourself. If you ever need to talk, email me.

Btw I realized that you may not be able to reply on this site and i dont reallly want to display my email on a pib. blog so heres my facebook : Ashleigh Genus message me, ill be waiting.

reading through all of these when i'm having a rough night.. i know this was a long time ago, but i hope you made it through and are feeling better. if you still need someone to talk to don't hesitate to get in touch paulie_692@outlook.com

Please, don't think of yourself as perfect. Don't let others call you that. Being described as perfect is more harmful than a lot of negative comments, because those can be argued against and fought. You have stuggles. You have your own problems and issues, and giving in to being "perfect" only puts pressure on you to live up to everyone who sees you that way. It makes you feel like you have no right to be unhappy, no right to sad or have problems because you are "perfect," which only makes you feel worse for feeling sad. Your life is not perfect. Neither are you. Be happy about those imperfections, because they make you who you are. Besides, perfect is boring :) I am not saying this to sound rude or negative, I am saying this because I have had the same problem (minus the eating disorder, but its been close) and trying to keep being "perfect" literally almost killed me. So please, don't be perfect anymore.


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