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Today, I started my goal of performing 26 Random Acts of Kindness in honor of the twenty precious children and the six adults whose lives were cut short at Sandy Hook Elementary. The fact that I only knew these incredible children and teachers through a horrible catastrophe is devastating. Imagining the impact it could have on society if everyone deliberately performed acts of kindness every single day for the next year in their honor MMT.

#17128 (7) - Dec 21, 2012 by Lex - Miscellaneous - Yes, that made me think too! (450) - No, that made me sleepy. (90)



I started yesterday too and I'm with you on doing acts of kindness everyday. I paid for someone's lunch yesterday and my waiter was in on it. He told all the staff what was going on and all the waiters and the manager came by to say what a lovely thing it was. I didn't mean for him to do that ~ tell everyone ~ but it had such a wonderful effect on everyone. I want this to become something natural that I do ~ these kind acts. I think that it will make me a better person and I owe that to the children and teachers that lost their lives on that horrible Friday.

This MMT story really struck a chord with me...I feel like you took the thoughts right out of my head, Lex. It's hard to make sense of all that has happened these past couple of weeks, but Anne Curry's idea has certainly helped me in a way. I started my acts yesterday as well by donating some books to a local children's hospital. Nothing will ever truly right this wrong, but this idea of 26 random acts of kindness is a beautiful way for us to at least try.

There were 27 victims and 1 shooter who died that day.

Cgraham002, there were 26 innocent victims killed at the elementary school, and as a sort of memorial for each of these people Anne Curry suggested performing 26 random acts of kindness. This proposal is what Lex is referencing in the post.

no one pays any respect to the woman who was shot in the head while she laid in bed. she was a victim too.

lindzabella, she was absolutely a victim too. So maybe what we should all be doing is performing an act of kindness to our mothers as well as 26 random people. Spread the word!

Don't stop at 26. In fact, what the ever loving F***? Did we really need a two dozen kids to be shot to tell each other to be good to each other? Get a GD reality check.

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