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Today, on New Years Eve, at 11PM it will have been exactly 58 years since that night I was sitting at a beach watching the fireworks alone. I was crying because the father of my unborn child left me. A man walked up to me, sat down, and said, "I don't know who made you cry, but I would make them cry if I could." It was a corny line, and there was lots of other small talk. But we married a year later and lived a happy life together, until this morning when he passed away at the age of 78. RIP Richard. Your love will always MMT.

#17176 (2) - Dec 31, 2012 by lifeistooshort - Miscellaneous - Yes, that made me think too! (910) - No, that made me sleepy. (14)



To read your story gave me strong goosebumps. It really touched me. Thank you. My deepest condolences.

I love the idea of really old people on the internet.

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