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Today, when I told my boss that I'll be getting married at 24, she looked at me as if she expected me to be more intelligent than that. MMT

#4108 (6) - Jan 20, 2010 by britney - Miscellaneous - Yes, that made me think too! (835) - No, that made me sleepy. (433)



I received those same looks, from countless people when I announced my engagement, and still get them when people notice my ring. Don't let the looks or any rude comments get you down. You know what's best for you, and no statistics can prove you wrong. Only you can, and only if you let yourself be proven wrong. Take care and good luck in your marriage, and in life.

you're grown, you make your own decisions. tell your boss to mind her own business

Dsg215, it sounds as if the boss did mind her own business. She didn't say anything critical - it was merely interpreted through a look.

My parents were 24 and 25. A lot of people have already started their career or nearly done university/college by this point. In fact most people I know get married at that age. Who cares what people think. I think it's a fine age

It isn't that young considering society is getting kids married at the age 14 or soemrthing which it totally wrong but compared to that, at least you didn't get prego then! My parents married when my mom was 23 and my dad 25.

Really, it depends on how mature you are. Many people aren't ready to commit until they're in their 30's. Others are ready in their 20's. Some think they're ready at a young age, and make mistakes. Others just are never ready.

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