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Today, after eating lunch, I walked out of a restaurant carrying a box of leftovers. A homeless man came up to me and asked if he could have some of the food. I ignored him and kept walking. Two minutes later, I tripped over a curb and spilled the leftovers all over the sidewalk. MMT

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If this had been on fmylife.com, I would have clicked "You deserved it." In fact, that's what this entry truly belongs on.

If homeless people ask me for money I am hesitant, but if they ask for food that is leftovers, you are kind of just a huge jerk for not giving it to them. I agree with #1.

I always hate having leftovers from a restaurant, because I never end up eating them later. The one time I ended up with some leftovers, I ended up spending a lot of time just trying to find a homeless person to give it to, because I'm certainly not going to eat it. I didn't find anyone, though :(

If this had been on fmylife.com, I would have clicked "You deserved it." In fact, that's what this entry truly belongs on. [2]

Thats rude. I'm sorry, but if you were a very hungry person on the street, just waiting for food because you can't afford it, then someone with leftovers walks by you, and they did what you did, what would you do? That man deserves food. That's just wrong. I'm sorry, but it's true. I'm 12 years old, and I shouldn't need to think of this.

I agree that this person would have deserved it...if it had happened. Actually, though, I'm the person who "posted" this, and the real story had nothing to do with ignoring anyone or spilling anything. It was a reminder to appreciate what you have. Thanks for ruining my story and making me lose my faith in this website, moderator. That's what really MMT.

It very much sounded as if you had turned your nose and left the man to struggle on his own. I certainly received that impression from the sound of things, and that's a matter of your own ignorance in not trying to help a person in need. I think the real thing that should MMT is that there is a person who would've appreciated it more, had he had it at all. But your being inconsiderate led to 2 people without anything, and no one appreciating the food at all. Go out of your way to be nice to people, please. It can make such a difference in their lives, with minimal negative impact on yours.

That should MYT*, it's certainly what MMT

has anyone played evony yet?

I think it's more like karma than anything, it certainly does MMT

Definatley Karma your a jerk! Think about it

sorry but i have to agree that you are an asshole

I think the rest of you are jerks for judging OP This site is to make you think not berate others for their posts.

I want to say "you deserved it", but I am scared that I would have done the same exact thing. It is good that you atleast understand your mistake.

So someone who is without shelter asks you for food, and you decline, which you are in within every right to do, you paid for the food, it belongs to you. If your suggesting karma then your fucking stupid.

Mahab So if it's your right does that mean it isn't morally wrong? You can walk around exercising your 1st amendment right and calling every black person you run into the N word but that is certainly morally wrong. The person of this story is a jerk sorry but its true if this wasn't what you were getting at you wrote it wrong

Although it may seem mean- I would probably do the same thing. If that homeless person wanted your pants because theirs were ripped, would you strip them off? Sure, you may have 10 more pairs at home, and enough money to buy more- but you just wouldn't do it. If someone came up to me and asked me for my food, I would 1) be very offended. How do they know I have enough to feed myself/family and 2) probably want to get the heck out of there.

Alright haven't you guys noticed that the person who posted this is CC and they commented an said this never really happened. they just wanted to mkae a point. and again this never really happened. And CC don't give up hope on this website. You can't blame people for getting mad consdiering they thought it really happened.

I'm assuming about 90% of the things posted on here are fake like this one, which really makes the site rather pointless. But regardless, I really don't see why someone should have to give their food away to some bum. I work hard for my money; I shouldn't have to feel guilty because I don't want to waste my money on some loser who can't keep himself fed. If he's so damn hungry, he should grow a garden in his little shopping cart. People used to survive quite successfully before money was invented.

Good job. Maybe next time a starving man asks you for a little food you'll give it to him. SImple acts of kindness really can change peoples lives.

Karma, you deserved it

Seriously, did no one read the comment from the OP saying it didn't happen? And even if it had, you would have to give them some credit for realizing what they did and actually owning up to it. Most people would probably just pretend it never happened if this happened to them. This is supposed to make you think about what's important in life. Maybe instead of calling the OP names, we could try taking a look at our own lives?

Yeah, I see that they commented on it. And they're still an asshole for making up stories.

Love how everyone is acting like the OP is such a terrible person for ignoring this guy.. come on, really? Don't understand how someone who is able-bodied is regarded as someone to have sympathy for when they are just as capable of making some sort of income as the next person. Also, who HASN'T ignored a homeless person's requests, honestly. Some people on here act like they're all saintly - ha.

Karma knocked you over, jerk. Wow...

I hope you hurt yourself when you tripped you jerk!

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