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Today, I went to my 10 year high school reunion. Our prom king is now an overweight bartender. Our prom queen is a recent divorcee with 3 kids. I used to idolize these people. Now I just feel sorry for them. MMT

#58 (6) - Aug 5, 2009 by Jose - Miscellaneous - Yes, that made me think too! (3621) - No, that made me sleepy. (538)



I don't understand what the prom queen did wrong. Having 3 kids isn't a bad thing, and divorce is sometimes the right thing to do when a relationship goes south. It's kind of old-fashioned to consider her a failure or damaged goods or whatever just because she's been through a divorce. Instead of pity, you could feel grateful you haven't had to go through something that tough. (disclaimer: I've never been married so that's not why I'm sleepy on this one)

but are they happy? you can be all of these things and still be happy. honestly it's not your place to judge other people's lives, it only makes you look stupid and shallow. what may be right for you may be wrong for other people and vice versa.

i agree - prom queen probably loves her kids like nothing else and may well be excited by her new future. prom king might really enjoy his job, & have a good work/life balance ... but I get what you are saying, the top echelon in high school won't necessarily be high status in a decade. As long as no one takes their status too seriously, no problems eh? :)

my prom queen did drugs a year out of high school, and her perfection turned to acne and thinning hair....life sure is funny sometimes. my high school bully put on a LOT of weight in college and said to a mutual friend 'i always tried to impress the guy....i guess i just got tired and finally let myself go.' People are human, good and bad...... and human.

I still feel jealous of anyone with the social skills to be a bartender.

the reason the divorcee should be felt sorry for is because she got married had three kids (so she must have gotten married by age 22-ish) and got divorced all before the age of 28. those are not good decisions and now while her friends are just settling down and getting married and getting ahead in their careers, she has to worry about parenting her 3 kids without a husband physically around, as well as starting to date again.

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