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Today, her biological father – who was selfishly absent for most of her childhood, donated the kidney that saved her life. MMT

#7176 (5) - May 10, 2010 by Ashley - Miscellaneous - Yes, that made me think too! (1694) - No, that made me sleepy. (29)



And I bet he thinks that makes up for not being there for her when she was growing up...

you can't make up for missing someone's childhood, you have to deal with abandonment and try to figure out why someone doesn't want you that's a lot of depression to deal with at a young age

The point isn't that he messed up, but that he was capable of doing something amazing.

This was an episode of All Saints.

Ummyeah-You can choose to focus on the one thing he did to redeem himself, or you can choose to focus on the negative and rain on the original posters parade. Try focusing on the former, rather than the latter. Sounds to me that that is probably one of the most unselfish things someone can do for someone else. Mad kudos to him. I hope they can repair their relationship.

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