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Today, it’s been exactly 10 years since Shawn, my ex-boyfriend (and fiancé) of 6 years, passed away. And I'll never tell my husband that I still think about him almost every day. MMT

#7546 (4) - May 26, 2010 by Anonymous - Miscellaneous - Yes, that made me think too! (1159) - No, that made me sleepy. (68)



Y not? If he loves you, he'll love you more for sharing something that meant something to you... I would

personally, coming from a mans point of view, at least mine, you should never tell him. To know that you are not the one and only true love of a person will break their ego and heart. Dont ever forget your exfiance and your feelings, but personally i would never tell your husband or he might not be around to understand. Emagirl, I understand how you feel, and a perfect person in a perfect world would, but its not, so he wont. trust me.

i'm sorry, i have to comment on this...i'm not saying there's a right thing to do with this. but the man i was in love with for too many years to count died a little over a year ago. as desperately in love as i was with the first, i am so in love with my boyfriend today, and he knows all about my first love who died. he said it was one of the things he loves most about me, that i felt comfortable enough to tell him about the one i loved desperately and lost. as he put it, my first love means something to him now because he meant so much to me. so no, there's no guarantee that he won't understand. he very well might, and could very well love you more for it. i'm not saying tell him, just pointing out that something so powerfully important to someone should be something that is not a secret, but a cherished memory, and with personal experience speaking for me, it can often make the relationship stronger.

There is no right or wrong answer, its a personal thing, lovemeasiam is very lucky somoene else might not be...

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