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Today, I pop prescription pills to numb the pain and I spend 9 hours a day at a job I hate because I know I won’t pass a drug test anywhere else. MMT

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i feel the same way, i have to take painkillers just to hold a job when im on my feet a lot with bad hips and knees, i would love to do a sit down job but that requires a college degrees which i can t get cause i cant memorize enough to finish college so im walking on bad hips and knees 8 hrs a day, and sometimes i wonder if id be better off quitting my job. i dont hate my job, i just cant do it but im forcing myself to do it even though im in a lot of pain sometimes , wish i had answers for those type of problems

Hmm... I am not sure about this. If the prescription was for a valid medical reason, then that would should not stop you from working somewhere they do drug tests, as they would take your situation into account. Otherwise they would be discriminating against you. This story doesn't ring true to me I am afraid.

...Besides, how many jobs require you to take a drug test, I have never had to take one in all the jobs I have had.

Taking prescription painkillers at work doesn't preclude you from taking recreational drugs (or things like medicinal marijuana) at home. That could be why zie can't pass a drug test to get a better job.

Two years ago, I felt the same way. I took mindless jobs that didn't drug test because I was an addict like you. Two years ago, I was miserable with who I was, but didn't feel like there was anything to do to change it. I got clean though, and you can too.

If Its medicinal marijuana would that really matter to an employer? Hell, better for you than prescription painkillers if it works for you.. o.o

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