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Today, I'm a neurosurgery candidate, going under the knife in 2 days. Last month I was a healthy 24 year old female athlete. Today, signed a DNR, just in case I come out as a vegetable. Today, I had to make a living will. Is it really my time? In 48 hours I’ll find out. MMT

#852 (35) - Sep 3, 2009 by Punkyprincess33 - Miscellaneous - Yes, that made me think too! (9342) - No, that made me sleepy. (411)



I would love to know how it turns out. I will be praying for you!

This is the original poster. I actually submitted this on Aug 23. Today is Sept 3. After a week I can now sit up on my own, though only for short periods of time. Im just starting to be able to feed myself again and start to take care of myself. I have an amazing family who has taken shifts coming 1000 miles to my house to stay with me a week at a time

I'm so happy to hear that! I'm glad you're doing better. I hope you have a good, easy recovery.

Punky Princess, it's really pretty darn awesome to hear that you're doin OK, and that you have such a supportive family! My best to all of you. Speedy recovery :)

All the best for your future wish you come back to normal daily routine as soon as possible.

It wasn't your time. And I don't know you, but that makes my day. I hope you continue to make steady progress and are back on your feet as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for the kind words. Yep, thats about it, wasnt my time to go. Slowly but surely its coming back. I took SO much for granted, getting mixed into work and the chaos of life. My accomplishment today - drinking out of a cup by myself. Little things, I tell ya

Hey, Punkyprincess33. I'm happy to know you're ok. Soon enough, you'll be out there on the court or field, playing your sport and, let me tell you, its the best feeling in the world. Best of luck to you.

I signed up to this site so that I could wish you good luck, but after reading all of this, I am thrilled to learn that you are doing great!

That's great that you're doing better! (:

be strong there nothing you can't do if you don't give up

i have been wanting to make an account for a while but i also created it to comment on this "mmt". my heart sank when i read it, but i know you were meant to keep living and learn how precious life is. thank you for sharing your story. i hope you know you made me appreciate life a little bit more.

Like the poster above me I've never made an account, after reading this I just wanted to say: GO YOU!!! I was in a severe car accident a few years ago and couldn't do many things for myself so once you get to do things for yourself again, no matter how small it seems, it's always a victory. I hope you succeed in conquering life again

your post made me sign up to say that your recovery is a beautiful thing.. our strength is as strong as our want for success however small or big as they may be... life is all you want to make of it congrats on your fresh start and new perspective...

Today I was reading a random stumble page that was MMT.. At the top I read about sumone 24 getting nuerosurgery and I felt sad.....towards the end of the same page a post from the same girl read Im lifting a cup to my mouth..... Im glad ur still alive :)

I spent my entire day worrying about all the things I have due in school, being upset about the light in my room having burnt out, etc. After reading your post, and especially after finding out you made it through the surgery, I am significantly less stressed out. Also, I just cried for the first time in a long time. Thank you.

I signed up for mmt just to tell you that I'm so glad you made it through. I randomly stumbled on this page and I got a little teary at this. Cheers to a long and fulfilling life for you.

same as many above, i signed up just to say - it's great to hear u're ok!

Thank you all so much for your love and support.. wow.. I cant put into words how much it means for so many thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for posting. My boyfriend sent this link to me because a friend of mine has a benign tumor in his brain. The doctors won't operate because he is likely to become paralyzed or die. However, if they don't he will lose the majority of his mental capacity in the next month. I don't know why I posted it. Maybe to find out who was your doctor, and how he/she agreed to operate considering the risks. Or maybe because I have no clue as to how to deal with it.

Illona, if you want to contact me my email is punkyprincess33@gmail.com if I can help with anything. My options as well were paralyzation. So I took the risk. Mine was on my spinal cord, a bit lower than the brain its self. Shoot me an email. I hope all is well

I dont even know you but after i read this and seeing that your getting better, i somehow feel happier. Good luck in your recovery!

I'm so glad to hear you are recovering well, and I hope that you continue to do so!

It amazes me that in today's society we can just post something strange or sad that happened to us on a website, and get feedback on it from people who you've never met. This world is an amazing place huh? It is especially great because you can get a glimpse into the extremely complicated life of another, even though it may just appear a small illusion, irellevant to everything else in our lives. But yet we still do discover the preview of somebody else, the doorway into somebody elses life. Sometimes it may be quite hard to understand that every person who you read a post from is a real person who does human things and is existing every second. It's quite stimulating if you think about it. As an author, I tend to derive inspiration from everybody, and I also seem to want to write a book about everything. I can just see it now: 'The amazing story of how somebody found somebody else on a website, got an email adress, and became best friends.' Catchy huh? Thank you, Punkyprincess for being strong and for sharing this with us. I hope we all have learned something about life from this post. I know I have.

Wow that was long... huh.

You will be alright Inshallah.. post your next update soon...

Very very well put apollo. It is a small small world

Reading these comments & finding out that you're okay, honestly made my night. God bless xoxo


i never commented before on here but when i saw your post i had to see what happened. i want to thank you for giving me evidence that there are miracles in life. i hope you get a gold medal in the sport you play.

That was quite the story, i don't know how sick you were before, but i say that is a miracle anyways. I want to thank you for that- i needed to know that some people do get better. Your story- Punkyprincess33- is truly inspiring. Thank you. And thanks for your words- Apollo- very thought provoking

It's really nice to know you are fine. Today I have an appointment with my neurologis to go over my MRI.. Hopefully everything will turn out ok, as you did! =) It was great reading this story today, Im little less scared!

Wow! I'm happy it worked out for you (poster and I really it hope it works out for your friend Illona! I will pray for your friend and I thank God that you are ok Princess

Wow. What an awesome story you have to share Princess. Thank you for sharing. Everyone here is awesome. I'm praying you continue to do awesome. Smile, Hugs and blessings from above. =)â

I'm new to MMT. I just read your story and just want to say I'm so happy to read things went well. I hope you are continuing to do well and things have returned to normal for you. Blessings!

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