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Today wasn't Christmas, at least not for me. Christmas doesn't come when you're sitting in a hospital room hoping your wife wakes up from a coma before New Years. And I'm still here waiting. MMT

#12025 (4) - Dec 28, 2010 by waiting - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (1189) - No, that made me sleepy. (45)



She's in a coma and you still have time to be on the computer. She's better off without you!

What do you expect him to do? Sit by her side like a statue every second of every day? -----I'm sorry about your wife. I'm praying she wakes up.

My grandfather died in November of 07. I'm still waiting..

What the hell is going on in these comments?! She's in a coma. I doubt she'll mind if he does some blogging while he's waiting. >.>; Also.... Waiting for your grandpa to come back from the dead? Makes no sense at all, especially on this post. His wife is in a coma, not dead.

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