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Today, I burst into tears when the vet told me she had terminal cancer. But then, sensing only my sadness, she wagged her tail and licked my cheek to comfort me. MMT

#12539 (8) - Jan 31, 2011 by jody - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (2040) - No, that made me sleepy. (91)



pets are amazing creatures, may her final days be filled with love

It REALLY does sound like you're talking about the vet, so I feel bad, but I laughed hysterically. It took me a minute to figure out the situation. Proper grammar, including a clear pronoun-antecedent relationship, is KEY to being clear and concise, especially when online, because it's harder to understand how things were meant if you say them improperly online, because people don't have tone, and inflections, and things that we can use in real life to figure it out. So just a note. Sorry about what I can only assume is your dog. (Though, as a note, I also can't know that... as you only ever referred to your pet as "she", and other animals can lick too, I suppose.)

Your vet has a tail?

why are you being rude, that's so sad! i've been there jody :(

@Ellipsis I know, I felt horrible. XD

Jody, I knew what you were talking about! I had a dog once who was diagnosed with leukemia. I was heart-broken, but that dog still ran around and played and seemed so happy until the day she died. I miss her, but I smile everytime I think of her, which is quite often.

its nt that i dont care about the other stories, but stories about animals hit my heart the hardest. my cat and i had a very special relationship. and i didnt get to be with my cat when she died of organ failure after going missing and starving for 2 months. i was in college several states away. be glad you got to say your good byes. cause sometimes i can almost feel my cats spirit looking for me. my cats name was hope. she gave me the hope i needed somedays to get me through.

It's SO EASY to tell that OP means their pet when the second half is brought into consideration. Stop being assholes. Even if it /was/ the vet, how would that be funny? Having a tail is funny, sure, but terminal cancer is never funny. =/

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