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Today, a year after his death and four months after hers, I still can’t bring myself to delete my parent’s cell phone numbers out of my iPhone. MMT

#12556 (7) - Feb 1, 2011 by sad - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (2275) - No, that made me sleepy. (51)



It's been a year since my dad's death, I haven't deleted any of his numbers and only just took him off my my5 when they were all erased by the company

it's been three and a half years since my dad passed. I don't think I'll ever delete his number.

I've left my parents' numbers in, wondering who they'll be assigned to next--so when I *do* get a call from them, I'll tell them about my parents.

I'm sorry for your loss. I would have ported their numbers to some prepaid cellphones just to hear from people who wanted to talk to them...

my aunt died over two years ago.. I recently got a new phone and had to manually transfer all my contacts.. she was the first one.

My dad died a little over 9 months ago and i still have his number on speed dial. In case i ever need to talk.

I hadn't talked to my mom in about a year when I found out she died. I called her number repeatedly hoping i could just listen to her voicemail.

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