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Today, my mother’s 20 years of smoking cigarettes is finally catching up with her. Every time I hear the unhealthy gurgle of her coughing, I cringe and cry on the inside. And she knows it. But she doesn’t quit. And now that I’m pregnant, I just hope she’s around long enough for my son to remember her smile. MMT

#12658 (3) - Feb 7, 2011 by casey - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (1079) - No, that made me sleepy. (54)



Well don't patronize her and she might actually smile.

I think the OP means that she hopes that her mother hasn't died before her son is old enough to remember her smile, not an issue of trying to get her to smile.

I just signed up to try and help you- so I hope you come back to this and read the comments. There are these new devices called 'e-cigs,' they're electronic cigarettes and a LOT of people have been having a huge success quitting with them. Please look into this and inform your mother- you could save her life.

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