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Today, before he crashed his motorcycle he sent me a cute email asking me out on a first date - something I’ve been waiting for over a year. I just received the email on my iPhone - about an hour after the emergency room doctors informed his family that he’s now medically brain dead. MMT

#13002 (5) - Feb 28, 2011 by Morgan - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (1476) - No, that made me sleepy. (47)



moral: don't text and motorcycle

As Val Kilmer said in "Top Secret," "That sucks!"

I have trouble believing that the MMT posts featuring the specific mention of the iPhone are real, especially since it's always capitalized correctly and the only phone mentioned.

I have trouble believing a lot of these posts are real. Many of them are worded very...strangely, in order to drive the creators' views home again and again, it seems. I still like this site though.

A lot of these are pretty sad, depressing and pretty endearing; but not really thought-provoking. What am I supposed to ponder with this except: 1) don't text and drive and 2) If you like someone go ask them out instead of sitting on your butt for a year like some princess ?

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