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Today, I went with my granddaughter in-law to visit my grandson's grave. She sat down by his grave and talked to him like he was sitting there with us. She told me she does this every day. When I got home, I cried for two hours straight. MMT

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I am not suggesting how to grieve, but depending on how long ago your grandson died, her talking to his grave everyday suggests she might need someone else to talk to. How about you?

I am very sorry for the loss. It is definitely one of life's most painful tragedies, and I wish you and your granddaughter-in-law the best throughout this grieving process.

I'm so sorry. I just lost my fiance a few months before our wedding. I go to his grave every day and talk to him. and to the person that said she shouldn't go sit at the grave and talk to him... A bunch of people told me to stop. I tried to. I started going once a week. and I got to the point that I attempted suicide. DON"T TELL SOMEONE HOW TO GRIEVE!!! You're not helping. you're hurting them worse.

Did I say she should stop? No, just that it might help to talk to someone else who's grieving instead of the two of them talking and crying in private. I'm sorry you've had trouble but this story, and the comments above, are not about you Gigglegirl.

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