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Today, after we removed her from life support, just as she took her last breath, a tear rolled down my mom’s cheek, as if to let me know that she would miss me too. MMT

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Doesn't that make you think it was a mistake to end her life support?

I don't want this person to regret their decision, but I agree with what prs1025 said. If she had a tear, then maybe she heard what was going on. So the brain was working, she just wasn't at the moment. I think it's really hard to determine if you should take them off support or not, but if this person felt they should have, then I have to believe it was the right thing to do.

By the way, I'm very sorry for your loss. Seriously.

There are a lot of people who do not wish to be kept on life support. I am one of them, my grandma was one too. She was able to look around and see us, but she was told she wouldn't be able to return home or be herself again. She specifically did not want that and we removed her from the support, as to her wishes, and then she was gone. Just because their brain is working doesn't mean that they will be able to function.

Exactly, some don't want to be kept on life support and some won't be able to function. But there have been cases where people were on life support, and they were about to pull it and the person woke up and was functioning just fine. That's why I think it takes a lot of thought to decide what to do. And if the person specifically asks not to be on it anymore, that's fine too.

The name of such a tear is "Lacrima Mortis," (literally 'tear of death') and it is a single tear that is shed the moment someone passes. It is apparently most common in people who KNOW they are going to die before it happens (people kept on life support, or people who have died due to a slow degenerative disease). It does not often happen during something that can't be predicted (such as a car accident, heart attack, etc). I saw it happen with my grandma (she died after weeks in the ICU). I'm not particularly religious, but I like to think that it is the person saying 'goodbye' and realizing how beautiful wherever they're going is... (whether it be heaven, some other consciousness, or back to the Earth). I think the worst thing people can do/say on this post is "Well, don't you regret it?" That's uninformed and perhaps unintentionally hurtful toward the OP, who is obviously currently grieving.

Wait so who was taken off life support? Your mom or someone else?

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