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Today, as much as I’m trying not to be so full of myself, I’m sitting here in tears, in my lowest of lows, and I'm convinced that if I had just asked my best friend to prom, instead of asking the cheerleader she told me she didn’t like, she wouldn't have gotten so drunk and drove her car off the bridge on her way home. MMT

#16206 (6) - May 14, 2012 by JDK - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (659) - No, that made me sleepy. (27)



i'm so sorry. i know that you are beating yourself up but, please try not to blame yourself.

If she killed herself over you asking out another girl, she had bigger problems than simply asking her to the prom would have fixed. It's not your fault.

@lo1337a: I think the OP means that she got drunk and ACCIDENTALLY drove her car off a bridge which he believes is a result of asking the cheerleader to prom which would have caused tension between them, preventing him going over and offering to drive her home or phoning a taxi to drive her home which would have prevented her death. It is likely they were in the middle of an argument which led to him immaturely taking the cheerleader to spite her and put her in a bad mood, making her want to drink. Then she chose to drink and accidentally got herself killed. And though it most certainly wasn't his fault that she died or that she drank, his actions still remain a factor that led to her course of actions which is probably why he blames himself despite the fact that the actions of everyone else around her were also factors which affected her choices.

When those whom we love leave us, it is always hard to bear. I pray that as you go through this healing time, you will honor and cherish the relationship you had with your best friend. I know you didn't explicitly say if there was a death, but always remember, you are a legacy of those who leave before us, even if it means she left the friendship. Each of us has a choice to make in our lives. It is hard to search for anything positive, but as the Universe told me today, "No matter how things seem, JDK, hope is near and love is present." I don't know who you are, but I know how loss feels. Sharing your sorrow will lessen the weight. Thinking well of you~

It's a bit late to white knight now.

As long as you wouldn't have done it if you knew what would happen, it is not your fault. No matter what you did.

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