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Today, I sob while looking at the picture of my best friend who died because of suicide. I don't have the guts to tell her parents the reason why. She killed herself when her ex-boyfriend proposed to another girl. It turns out she wasn't over him yet, even though she told me she was. And the girl he proposed to was me. MMT

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It must be difficult for you.. But this just proves rule number 1. Never date good friends ex's. My best friend started dating my ex without understanding how much it hurt me to see them together. Nomatter what they say, it's never ok. Too bad it's too late for her. She deserved a better friend

Despite what the commenter above me said and apparently seems to think, this is not your fault. If she said it was fine, if she acted like she was okay around the two of you, how were you to know? She made the choice to commit suicide, and while her ex and your relationship was a factor in her choice, it is not your fault. It's also possible that she had deeper issues you weren't aware of. Please do not blame yourself.

Your pain is understandable, because while we all would strive to be selfless to help others, we still desire to be selfish for one's own sake. I'm sad to hear that she took her own life, instead of being absolutely honest with herself about the changes in her life. Suicide is not an easy thing to deal with; after all, it is the living who must mourn those who pass. Think of this as a test of character; you must either react or choose a proactive path to honor her and the unique relationship you had with her. You are not alone in this loss, and time and choices have a way of letting wounds heal and lives being transformed. Namaste~

My sister is dating my ex, & I think it's the greatest thing ever. Denying two people happiness who should be together is selfish.

I wonder... knowing this, did you marry him? I mean no disrespect, but I suppose it's a testament to your character, and that of your relationship with this man. I'm no one to judge, but I sincerely hope that moving forward you have become a better friend; as I'm sure this situation has shown you what it "truly" means to be a friend. Furthermore it'd be presumptuous for you to think it was ALL your fault, I'm sure the proposal was simply the last straw (a big one no doubt) on the camel's back. I'm sure you now know how to be a good friend moving forward. Perhaps speaking to your girlfriends parents, when the time is right, will help to clear some of your conscious. Forgiving yourself is step1. ~Best wishes.

I can't think of a better way to say this, but she killed herself over the betrayal of her ex and best friend getting married. Not just that he was getting married to someone else, it's not about him alone. She probably felt frustrated and hopeless. Can we go by the poster's word that she had willingly given approval? Did the poster want a chance at what turned ot to be a really good relationship and pressured her friend into reluctantly granting permission? We'll never know. But stop blaming him, look at your mistakes, keep your head above water and get couple's counseling before the wedding to deal with this sudden turn.

It makes me sad to see the comments from people who blame the person that posted this story. This sight should never be about judging one another. Suicide is such a selfish act, so please do not blame yourself. We all make our own decisions and your friend chose this. I hope that if you truly love the man who was her ex and you said yes to his proposal that you live a happy life together. I hope you always remember your friend in the good moments of her life and never as someone who decided to commit suicide. Don't stop living your life for you just because she decided to stop living hers.


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