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Today, as my friends and I celebrated having class cancelled on a test day due to a power outage at our college, we walked outside to and saw the car accident that had cut off power to the campus. A minivan was smashed into a power line pole, pieces of the vehicle were everywhere, a child seat was on the ground in front of the car, etc… apparently the whole family is in critical condition. MMT

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I submitted this two days ago and this is NOT WHAT I TYPED. The first sentence is correct but after that I said 'A car had smashed into a power line pole, rolled over a few times, and no longer looked like a car. I still don't know if the driver is okay." I don't know who changed this but I am NOT okay with it. Because that's not what happened. It was one person driving an SUV, running from the police, and it turned out he barely had any injuries afterward.

They often change the wording and it's making me consider refusing to visit the site. Both times I've submitted they've changed my words slightly, but I know there are more cases like this where major details have been changed. That is not okay and they need to know that.

I am appalled that the moderators would change the wording so drastically. It seems like they're trying to add wording to make stories seem more compelling, such as saying an entire family is in critical condition. I agree with Isis, they need to know that what they're doing is not okay.

Their terms of use states: "MakesMeThink.com does not produce any content. All content is produced by the site's users." What a joke.

I sent them an email outlining what happened here, but I honestly don't expect to hear back. I'm considering not coming here anymore, because how can I know what's real and what's just them trying to achieve dramatic affect?

If they're going to drastically alter submissions, they shouldn't have kept it under your username for us to clearly see you disagreeing with someone you obviously submitted.

*someTHING herp derp

I too have experienced the same thing. I posted a story on here and it got posted, and I found it difficult to understand whether it was my story or not. They changed the story by saying 'someone close to me' had hurt me, when I said it was anonymous and that it had 'killed me inside' which I never wrote. It also said that these posts were 'keeping me alive inside' when all I said was 'thank you to everyone whose ever posted a story, your words mmt.' I don't like the insensitivity they treat people's stories with. Why feel the need to alter them? To make them more dramatic? As if the drama of the story matters, at some point that event made someone think, what is the need to alter someone's story? It no longer becomes their story. I'm really dissapointed.

Wow. @reader, I read yours and thought the sentiment was nice but the wording was odd. Unfollowing.

are you guys serious?! That's outraging that they change the stories. What is the point? I'm done with this site, what a scam! Let's start a new site - "MMT - the real stories"

@fauxaux, I completely agree with you. When I first read it, I was unsure as to whether it was my story or not. The wordings changed so drastically, it actually looks kind of silly. But thank you anyways!

@PufferFish, please let us know if they do respond!

I never usually read the comments to the stories posted but noticed this story had a lot so I decided to read them. I never knew that the stories were altered and I am really disappointed.

While I think it's crap that they have to liven stories up, it's still just a site. Maybe they'll learn to respect their posters when their visit numbers drop.

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