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Today, I finally came forward and told the truth about how my mom’s long-term boyfriend has been emotionally abusing and physically molesting me for several years. This evening, after he posted bail, he hung himself. MMT

#16264 (2) - May 31, 2012 by anon - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (508) - No, that made me sleepy. (18)



Someone's choice to end their life is exactly that - THEIR choice. No one has the power to "make" them do it. In this case, it seems like a rare moment of unselfishness from an otherwise heinous predator. Since child molesters pretty much don't change (and physical/emotional abusers rarely do), maybe this guy realized he would always be a destructive force preying on others and decided to end the cycle of abuse. Even if that wasn't his intention, it certainly will be the result of his choice. You did the right thing coming forward. You are very brave, and certainly you saved others from going through what you went through.

Secrets keep us sick. You did the right thing by coming forward. Maybe, by him dying .. you can now live. Go to the meadows . com and check out their "Survivor's" workshop. You deserve some healing from all of this and a place you can be seen, heard and validated. His behavior was never your fault, not the molesting nor the suicide. He was selfish and ran his course on you and you don't have to carry his shame or his secrets, anymore. It's okay to be happy he's gone or sad he's gone or any other emotions you might feel.

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