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Today, I remembered how the basic training drill leader said, “Good luck over there son!” on my final day of training. But I didn't understand what he really meant until I survived the IDE bomb that claimed the life of a fellow soldier this afternoon. MMT

#16627 (3) - Sep 13, 2012 by pondering - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (383) - No, that made me sleepy. (24)



made me tear up, Stay safe. Sorry about your friend.

With respect, I don't feel like this is a true story. There's a lot of inaccuracies in this person's narrative. I am a deployed US Army soldier, and a graduate from a senior military college with members of every branch of the US military--no service has a position called a ""drill leader." Marines have Drill Instructors, the Army has "Drill Sergeants." Since the OP makes reference to "a fellow soldier," I have to assume he is in the Army (only Army personnel are called "soldiers;" Marines are Marines, Air Force are Airmen, and Navy are Sailors, no matter their job or occupation within those service branches.) If he really is Army, then he would remember that Basic Training is not the last step before deploying--he would have had to attend AIT, or Advanced Individual Training, to learn his MOS (military occupational specialty, or his actual job inside the Army.) At basic training, he could not know he was deploying overseas--that information is not granted until the soldier knows what unit to which he will be assigned, which is only published on completion of AIT, not basic training. On top of that, it's called an "IED," (improvised explosive device,) NOT an "IDE." This is possibly just a typo, but it's not a mistake a servicemember with several dozen hours of counter-IED training (which is mandatory before being deployed in-theater) is likely to make. Similarly, the nomenclature is completely off--it is simply not called an "IED bomb." That's similar to saying "glass window." This is the type of story that, sadly, plays out nearly every single day in real life. If it makes someone here think, then great. But this poster is a little suspect--it's somewhat likely he or she is outside the actual armed forces community. With the down-struck Stolen Valor bill, many people try to claim they are servicemen and women or veterans who simply are not, and the reasons are only rarely for financial or material gain. I can't explain why anyone would want to lie about this, especially on a site such as MMT, but it does happen with regularity.

And lest I forget, if the IED really did kill a fellow soldier this afternoon, this servicemember would not be on MMT--when a soldier is killed overseas, his entire base has its telecommunications capabilities blacked out in order to prevent people contacting the family of the deceased until the Army has fulfilled its obligation to do so appropriately. This condition normally lasts for 24-48 hours, and never less than 8. This supposed soldier would not be able to access the internet in such a timeframe as to say that his buddy died "this afternoon."

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