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Today, I live in a tiny motor home in my grandmother’s backyard with my substance abusing mom, her boyfriend, and my two younger brothers. The place is basically to small to turn around in. It's always trashed with beer bottles and filled with cigarette smoke. I sleep on the only open spot on the floor while I give my mom the only bed and my brothers the couch. And I get up and go to school to listen to people whine about not having the latest iPod. What my peers don't appreciate MMT.

#16633 (7) - Sep 16, 2012 by Rain lily - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (997) - No, that made me sleepy. (33)



Wow, you are so condescending.

i'm not sure you understand what condescending means

I absolutely know what condescending means. She believes her problems are superior to others, and acts as such. Ergo, she is condescending. Additionally, she believes that nobody but her has the right to complain about anything, just because she has issues that may be more serious than their issues. That's condescending as fuck. She believes she is superior to others, because she has "more serious" problems. It's a fucking stupid concept. By logic heavily implied in the OP's post, she has no right to complain, because there are people in Africa who don't have Internet, or a home, or parents, or a school.

And not just in Africa, either. Everywhere. There are always people who have it worse off than you, and, based on the logic implied in the OP's post, nobody should ever complain about anything. Ever. It's condescending and idiotic.

I'm gonna agree that it's a bit condescending to approach this issue that way. Focus on your own life and let them focus on theirs. Invalidating the concerns of others solves nothing. Everyone has a right to their own feelings, regardless of others who are worse off.

You win a bronze in the Poor Olympics.

Anyone else thinking gam gams a bitch for making her sleep on the floor of a trailer behind her house?

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