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Today, a hurricane devastated my hometown. I'm safely 6 hours away from home at college. I haven't heard from anyone at home in over 24 hours. And I can't drive there because the roads are shut down. I'm sitting warm and safe in my dorm while my family is probably cold and in the dark. I feel so helpless and I have no idea what to do. This feeling of helplessness while thinking the worst MMT.

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I know exactly how you feel. I am studying abroad, perfectly safe. But the fact that my family doesn't have electricity and I can't talk to them makes me feel so hopeless

I dont know where your hometown is but im at the jersey shore seaside heights area (the place the mtv show takes place) and most people dont have elecricity unless they have generators and the cell towers are down. But everyone is pulling together and helping eaxh other out its actually really amazing.try not to worry so much.if you can send them a emial or fb message if they have a generator like i do they have wifi.also text messages and phone calls are being recieve and or sent sometimes just keep trying.

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