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Today, I was very depressed about some of my recent troubles and the way my life has been going, so I went out to my place of worship to pray - to find some peace. What I saw there made me realize how small my problems truly are. A little girl was on her mother's lap and had a beautiful smile on her face; and it looked like a happy moment until I saw the large surgery scar on the back of her head, and realized her mother was frantically praying to help her child heal and lead a healthy happy life. MMT

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If you compare your problems to other people's problems, you will absolutely NEVER find peace. Your problems matter - work on them. Don't look at other people and think, "Their problems are worse than mine - I should be happy for that." It never works.

Dzbx.. You are absolutely right! We need to work on our problems. And pure comparison is bad too. But by seeing how other people smile at their difficulties, i think we can learn to laugh at ours realising how small they are! That will keep us in a positive mood. And will end up in solving our troubles. Right?

Someone with more experience and time discussed the issue of using people with illness or disabilities as a way to keep able-bodied and healthy people in a 'positive mood' is problematic. This individual themselves was disabled and provided the example of a popular picture going around the internet of a little boy (around 5 or 6) who was proudly smiling at the camera wearing shorts that revealed two prosthetic legs. The caption for said image was something to the effect of "If this little boy can smile and find happiness you have no excuse". The boy was never named, none of the people in these images are, because we don't need to see them as being individuals with highs and lows in their lives we just use their struggles to tell ourselves "Well at least I am not like that, my problems are nothing compared to illness or disability or poverty!". Feeling empathy for your fellow human is a wonderful trait and one that I hold above many others, but empathy is not thinking "Well my life doesn't suck as much as theirs" when faced with someone who is ill or disabled. It isn't an issue of comparing our problems, but using other people to elevate ourselves because we use their problems as boost for our lives.

Well said, Emmers!

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