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Today, is my 21st birthday. Growing up, I had to share everything with my twin sister. We shared clothes, toys, friends, and attention. Although I hated sharing this for a majority of my adolescent life, I would do anything to share just one more birthday with her today. MMT

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I made an account just so I could comment. I am a twin also, and understand how difficult it must be to celebrate your birthday alone. There is no one in the world who will understand you like a twin does. I know that this is no consolation, but live your life to its fullest extent in honor of your twin. I know she / he would want that more than anything for you.

I am commenting because I have an identical twin sister and my name is also Shawna. I agree with what yes said; celebrate the memory and life of your sister. Happy birthday - hopefully it can still be a good one.

I also made an account to comment on this. I am an identical triplet and I know exactly what you might be feeling. I have had friends lose their siblings, and it always makes me greatful for the connection I have with my sisters and to cherish every breathing moment with them. There are times when I want to choke them (JOKING), and I am 27 years old. We still fight like we are 15 sometimes, but I will always have an undying love for both of them, and would not change a thing about them. Every single moment, the good and the bad, are never, EVER taken for granted. I dont know what I would do if I lost one of them. I am sorry for your loss. If it were me, I would go on and celebrate every single birthday, recognizing her/him as well. They will always be with you. Never let their memories fade. It will be hard, but think of life as if they are there with you every step of the way. That is the only thing I can imagine I would do. Good luck to you sweetheart!

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