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Today, my little girl came home crying because a few rude kids at school teased her because of the wig she has to wear. And as she cried she kept asking me, "Why did I have to get the cancer?" MMT

#16870 (4) - Nov 5, 2012 by Andrew - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (1165) - No, that made me sleepy. (17)



Props to your little girl for being so strong at a young age. I was having a hard time deciding on whether or not to donate hair tomorrow, I've decided to cut and donate 12 inches of hair in hopes that it goes to someone as deserving as your daughter.

I'm sorry. Your MMT made me weep. A lot. Makes me frozen than thinking. I'll pray for your daughter.

Don't donate it to Locks of Love, or it definitely won't go to a deserving kid with cancer.

I know you might not read this now but from a stranger whos 3 out 4 grandparents have died from cancer tell her a stranger says that she is an insperation to me and i will look at the world better through my eyes because she is a million times stronger then i am and i hope everything gets better in her life

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