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Today, after I yelled at one of my employees for her recent absence at work, I randomly came across one of her posts on Twitter. It said, “A failed suicide attempt on Monday night makes it hard to care on Wednesday when your boss is mad that you took a sick day on Tuesday.” MMT

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What kind of suckass boss YELLS at an employee for calling in sick? People miss work for a variety of reasons, none of which are your business. And if a boss is that crappy, I can guarantee that the job is not that important. Reminds me of last month when I had an abscessed tooth and my boss screamed at me for "not making work a priority" when I wanted to leave an hour early for my dentist appointment, despite coming in an hour early to pre-pay the time. Where do you people get off thinking a job is more important that someone's health? If an employee has excess absences, track it, give them a written warning, then fire them if it happens again. But screaming about one sick day because you're a crazy psychopath? Shameful.

So, did you do anything about it, or are you just trying to gain attention on this site?

When I was working in a role where people would have to call in sick to me and I would then have to replace them on their shift (and quite a challenge that would be, at times... creating all sorts of juggling work with shifts and so on) I would still say "well, thank you for your call, I hope you are feeling better soon. Please make sure you let me know if you will be in tomorrow or not". I would not yell at them! I hope you apologised to the girl and had a quite word on the side to her and gave her your SUPPORT. You never know what goes on in someone elses life and what makes them be in the state they are in, be it perfectly happy and normal, or precariously perched on the edge of a suicide attempt!

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