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Today, is my 85th birthday and I’m celebrating alone. Sadly, I outlived my brother, my wife, and my two sons by more than a decade now. MMT

#16964 (16) - Nov 8, 2012 by Robert W - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (1341) - No, that made me sleepy. (19)



Dear Robert W, f.o.a happy birthday! You are a member of 1000 fullmoons club now! It is sad to hear that your beloved ones have passed. But YOU are here! You are here in this world, for a purpose! For some reason! Think about it! Someone somewhere needs you in some way. Even it is a small thing it has its own value! Never lose hope. All the best:-)

Happy Birthday Robert! :)

85 YEARS YOUNG! I wish I could bake you a cake with sparklers and a candle that never goes out and sings happy birthday to you! ... and of course a toast to your longevity! Your wisdom and experience are something you should share every chance you get because these are the things those younger than you will remember about you now and in their own later years (when they are sad about celebrating a birthday alone). Stay involved, be glad you are still here to keep the rest of us in line, and know that I wish you the very very best birthday ever! Start your 86th year writing about your life experiences! I'd be anxious to read it!

Happy Birthday Robert! May you be filled with happy thoughts and moments today. I believe in miracles and special moments. who knows you might be up for something great and surprising today. I'm sure you still have friends and kind neighbors around. celebrate life... life is too short to indulge in sadness. Reminisce about the good old days I'm sure it'll put smile on your face. I wish I could chat with you to learn from your rich experiences and gain wisdom.

I would very much like to send this man a birthday card. Is there an way to make this happen?

I would very much like to send this man a birthday card. Is there a way to make this happen?

Happy Birthday, Sir!

Happy Birthday Robert, it sounds like you where able to spend many years in the company of people that cared for you and I hope in the future new relationships will bring you further happiness.

Happy Birthday!!

Dear Mr.Robert Happy birthday sir I am sure your family and friends had a great wonderful life with you because you are a great man again happy birthday :)

Happy Birthday Robert! : )

Oh honey :(

Happy late birthday Mr. Robert. ..... May the Lord bless you with soooo many years more so you could make a difference in peoples lifes.

Happy belated birthday. may you have many more

Happy Belated birthday! i am very sorry to here about your family :( but i know they are there in your heart

They are watching over you, and wish you happiness, I'm sure.

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