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Today, I'm the girl that everyone comes to for help. I listen to everyone's problems. I try to make everyone smile. I always speak from a state of nervousness. Because I don't want to say a wrong reply, but I usually seem to say the right one. What hurts is, I've been wishing for someone who will be there for me. But so far no one is. I need someone to make me smile on my rainy days too. MMT

#17055 (14) - Nov 17, 2012 by erin - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (720) - No, that made me sleepy. (58)



Don't worry to much about your problems, they'll be sorted out. Just keep your head on your shoulders and keep the people you love close.

Do you mention your problems to anybody? No one knows your problems until you tell somebody. Anyway, if you feel you have too much on your mind, google "compassion pit". It is a great site, and helped me several times before.

I was that girl in high school. I tried ignoring my problems, that led to a mental breakdown. I tried talking to the people who had spilled their problems to me. One girl actually said: "You need to stop being sad so that you can cheer me up." It took me a while to realize that these people were not going to be there for me the way I had been there for them. Very slowly, I cut ties. I became to busy. I found people who would listen to me, and I would listen to in turn. The gist of what I'm saying is: we all have problems. Fair weather friends shouldn't be one of them.

The Tower by Vienna Teng. Go listen to it, trust me.

Unfortunately we can get caught up in feeling responsible for other people and let our own needs fall by the wayside. When we don't give ourselves enough care and are exerting energy into people who are unwilling to give back to us it's a draining situation. You need to come to the understanding first that you are not responsible for the happiness of others around you. That does not mean you should be cold or unwilling to be a good friend to someone, but it means you need to put energy into yourself and surround yourself with people who give back the kind of effort you put out. Sometimes that means giving up connections you've made already, sometimes that means being selfish. But that's okay. Sometimes we need to be selfish and take care of ourselves before we can put energy and effort into other people.

I hope someone will come soon to be there for you.. And just be the way you are.. All the best..!!

Hey Erin, I just want to say you are awesome. I've been this person for my friends over the years and I wouldn't change it if I could. I agree with the other comments saying you are not responsible for the happiness of others and that you need friends that are willing to listen to you too, but remember that you also need to surround yourself with people who will do the same for you. Also, I know it is an expression and all, but do not automatically associate rainy days with unhappiness. Dance and sing in the rain. Sometimes it feels real good to laugh in the face of the rain. Stay strong and good luck. I wish you the best.

I have felt the same way my entire life.

I feel this way everyday. And no one seems to notice ,but I always try to put on a smile and give my best advice to anyone who asks me in case they feel the way I do even if I just want to ignore them because I don't feel appreciated. If just one person would ask me ¿But ,how do YOU feel?" it would be enough.

I am the same. Just remember this. You can always count on your friends to support you just as you support them. Test the waters by asking for help when you really need it. If they do not deliver the way you did, then they do not deserve your friendship. It is how I have found people that I would die for knowing full well that they would do the same for me.

If people don't appreciate you and appreciate your waterproof shoulders, perhaps it's time to clean out the friendship cupboard. I've done that on a number of occasions. Get rid of the dead wood, so to speak. You don't need toxic friends in your life, only real ones who will appreciate you for who and what you are. True friendship is a two way street. I moved to a city where I know no one and gee is it liberating!

I am open to making new friends. :) You can talk to me cfernandez715@gmail.com

Feel free to to send me an email like cfernandez715 i am always open to making new friends plus one of my favorite quotes is " your story is not mine there for it is intresting" anyways my email is BBmikef@gmail.com

To join the bandwagon, I have felt this way most of my life as well, but I love how supportive everyone here is, and it gives me faith that even if I am not actually talking to anyone on here that no matter what, people are here for me and care and understand.

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