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Today, I’ve known two people who have taken their own lives. This afternoon, at the funeral for the second person, I noticed that whenever someone ends their life, loads of people are suddenly saying, "It's a shame, they were so wonderful." – or something to that effect. But if people would have told them that on a regular basis while they were still alive, they might have stuck around to hear it. MMT

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This is wistful thinking. I've had multiple people I know commit suicide. Two of them family, and we knew they were sick. And had been helping them every step of the way. Going out of our way to remind them how much they meant to us. In the end, if the person wants to end it, they will. Sometimes the mental illness just gets a hold of them and doesn't let go. It might be that nothing you could have said or did would have mattered. Don't blame yourself.

Well said daxxbuttons!

You're kidding yourself OP. My best friend took her own life this month and we did everything we could to support her, telling her she was a wonderful person and a great mother. She didn't want to believe us and we couldn't save her.

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