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Today, it’s been ten years since I promised you I would never love another man. And then last year you left me for another woman. In a decade, I haven't broken my promise, but all I want is to let you go. I wish I knew how. MMT

#17070 (5) - Nov 24, 2012 by Anonymous - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (523) - No, that made me sleepy. (61)



I know how you feel; that's exactly how I feel. I wish you knew how too.

glad I'm not alone in feeling like I could never love anyone else. sorry you feel this way too

It is time, everyone deserves love and respect. You got neither. It is time to go out and live your life. I know it is easy to say, but you need to know that you can and will have a better life without someone in it that does not love or respect you. You deserve nothing less than the BEST!

Add me to the list... it's only 2 years, he made my life kinda sucks but we had great times. I have depression and panic syndrome, and I know I can't do much because he doesn't really care.. I still love him...>

I am 19, and going through a very similar situation that occurred with a girl I gave three years of my life to. It breaks my heart; but luckily, after some soul-searching, I am moving past all that hurt and in the right direction. I talked to many friends, family members and even college professors, about how to get past this seemingly impossible situation - and gratefully - I received some pretty great advice, (most of it from my mom and dad). - Sometimes we make promises that we need not keep. It's hard to understand that some things are not meant to be - right now. That is not to say that in time, they will be. "Its not in the starts to hold our destiny but in ourselves." Stick with it, you are loved more than you know. You're a thinker, and always wonder, "Why?" - What could have been? That can make for a difficult, struggle-filled life. It is also the reason God gave you a brain (and a heart) - for life is not intended to be struggle free. Once in a while, when the mood strikes you, consider asking, "Why not?" ... Give more than you take, and start becoming who you were meant to be. In that transformation, he will return, or someone even more wonderful (as hard as it may seem) will walk up and say, "hello". One day at a time. Hang in there.

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