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Today, it's been exactly five years since I gave my daughter the best chance into this world by giving her up for adoption. On my way to the post office this afternoon to send her a Christmas gift (something her parents allow), her parents called me crying saying me she was one of the kids killed by a shooter at her elementary school in Connecticut. MMT

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I'm extremely sorry for your loss. Makes me cry.

one of the most moving posts on this site. you are a great person for doing what was right for your child, while staying in her life as she grew up. i'm so sorry for your loss. this holiday season, come together as one with the nation as we grieve - and be thankful you're still here with all of us. all the best.

I can not express enough the sorrow that I feel for your loss. The loss of the children from Sandy Hook School is so tragic. My heart is with you as is the rest of the world. May you find peace. elsa

I truly can't imagine your pain, but please know that every single person in this country is grieving with you. I wish that I could reach out and hug you. You are a courageous and compassionate person for being able to realize this was the best arrangement for your child. I really don't think we have words in our language to accurately express how we are all feeling right now, but please know that you, as well as all of the other affected families, are in our thoughts and prayers at every moment of these trying days. Sending you love and strength.

This is fake and you should be ashamed. The youngest victim was a 6 year old boy by the name of Noah. People are sick trying to get attention from such a tragedy!

@oejjw: The post says nothing about giving her up for adoption when she was an infant. If she was one or older she'll be older than the boy you are referring to. To the mother: You'll be in my thoughts. Take care of yourself.

I honestly cannot imagine your loss. Giving your child an education was her best chance, and that got her killed. Hang in there and stay strong! @oejjw HAVE SOME RESPECT! You dont know her story so don't make judgement calls. No mother in the entire world would want their kid dead tragically under those circumstances, especially one she never had the opportunity to raise. Just have a heart, because that's what we all need right now.

I agree with @NSI. Most of the time we tend to jump into conclusion and judge others before paying attention to what is being said and without reading between the lines. It wasn't divulge how old the kid was. What was being said was, it was 5 years ago when she gave her kid for adoption. So how did you find out the kid's age? To the owner of this post, our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God send more people to comfort you during this hard times. Just be thankful that even though for a short period of time, the Lord has blessed you with an angel. #hugs

I really hope this isn't fake, otherwise you're a manipulative sicko.

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